POLITIS, E. 2013. The Greek composers’ unpublished works for double bass and piano in the 20th century Greece, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University, Corfu.


The present thesis, towards achieving its objectives and aspirations sought the traces of the double bass soloist presence in the field of scholarly Greek "classical" music.

The thesis presents the results of the research incorporating:

a) editing and imprinting in digital form, printed and audio (CD) respectively, of nine unpublished original works for double bass and piano by six Greek composers, created during the 20th century in Greece,

b) recording of the historic route and evolution of double bass in Greece and the genealogy of Greek bassists who contributed with their artistic and didactic presence in its development,

c) a catalog of the works of Greek composers for double bass and the establishment of a Greek Double Bass Archive containing collected printed and audiovisual music material in digital form, and

d) catalogs of held performances of works of the international double bass soloist repertoire as well as of works by Greek composers, documented by registered recitals, concerts, bachelor or diploma examinations and seminars held by the late 19th century and onwards in Greece.

p.136. “The music production under the Master number 20/2012 in compact disc (CD) format is of approximately 60 minutes total duration. The recording of the Greek composers’ unpublished works for double bass and piano as well as the editing of the sound material was held during the period of June 2012 – July 2013 in the Music Technology Laboratory of the Department of Music Science and Art of the Faculty of Social Sciences Humanities and Arts of the University of Macedonia, from Evgenios Politis (double bass), Christina Sidiropoulou (piano) and the Department’s Technical Staff Member ( E.T.E.P.) sound technician Fotis Sakalis.

The recordings were made on a Kawai mod. RX5 Piano and a Grancino(1693) replica of František Posta (1919-1991), solo double bass, constructed in 1988 in Möhrendorf-Erlangen by Walter Sandner, with solo strings and tuning F#-B-E-A/F#-B(H)-e-a. Two condenser microphones Neumann Tube H-149 and AKG c12vr were employed in order to obtain comparable potential alternatives for the formation and selection of the original timbral qualities of the solo double bass sound range. Two NEUMANN ΚΜ184 condenser microphones were used for the piano stereo recording”.

The D.D. is posted in the National Documentation Center Link: http://phdtheses.ekt.gr/eadd/handle/10442/30260

01. Themistoklis Moros (1910-1988) - Legende(mp3)
02. Themistoklis Moros (1910-1988) - Scherzo (1942)(mp3)
03. Christos Labrianidis (1951) - Nocturn I (1983)(mp3)
04. Christos Labrianidis (1951) - Nocturn II (1983)(mp3)
05. Christos Labrianidis (1951) - Nostalgia (1984)(mp3)
06. Christos Labrianidis (1951) - Romance (1985)(mp3)
07. Nikiphoros Rotas (1929-2004) - Duo (1990)(mp3)
08. Georgios Minas (1954) - Amphichoros (1991) i.Dance Omonia(mp3)
09. Georgios Minas (1954) - Amphichoros (1991) ii.Hotel Vassiliki(mp3)
10. Michalis Gliniadakis (1957) - Lonely Children (1992)(mp3)
11. Nektarios Karantzis (1967) - Coming Home (1997)(mp3)